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Most small business owners understand that they need workers compensation insurance. But what is it and how does it work? Jamison Rich Insurance Corporation specializes in commercial insurance. Our Peoria, Arizona, company can help ensure your small business is covered in the event of a claim against you. Learn about workers compensation insurance below, and contact us for a free quote today!

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What Is Workers Comp Insurance?

Workers compensation insurance is insurance an employer purchases that helps pay for employees who become sick or injured on the job. This insurance is required by every state.


What Does Workers Comp Insurance Cover?

Workers comp covers medical expenses, lost wages, ongoing care, disability benefits, funeral costs, and rehabilitation costs. If an employee is killed while on the job, it offers death benefits to the family.


What Is NOT Included in Workers Comp Insurance?

Workers comp does not cover intentional acts, such as when a worker intentionally causes their workplace illness or injury. It also does not cover if you are injured commuting to and from work, if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol when you are injured on the job, or if there was horseplay involved.

What Are the Eligibility Requirements for Workers Comp Insurance?

Since every business in the nation must have workers compensation, obtaining it is not difficult. That being said, you should look for a business insurance company that specializes in commercial business insurance, has experience, and offers a superb customer service experience.


Our commercial business company specializes in all types of business insurance, including workers comp. We also offer umbrella insurance coverage, bonds, commercial auto insurance, builder's risk, and more. Our customers' needs come first no matter what industry you are in. To get started, reach out for a free quote today.

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